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Welcome to my little family.

We are a small CFA Registered cattery located in Bakersfield Ca. We are breeders of Doll Faced Persians and Himalayans. Our cats are raised with the goal of producing healthy cats with beautiful fur, sweet and loving personalities. We are very proud of being around the industry for the past 8 year with our Guarantee policies both the health and our Genetic . We aren't just here to sell cats, these guys are our children and we treat them as such. We interview and we try to pick just the right kitten for the family.

My passion for my little family has been a blessing to me and my friends. My Four-legged family members have been PKD,FeLv tested. We guarantee the health .



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We have 2 Liters that will be ready within a week ,for more information click here .

This is one of Erica's little ladies she had 4 little ones both girls and a boy.

Call: 661-302-2881



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